We are above 50 Transactions

The tbcexchange team would like to let you know, we hit 50 transactions this week! It’s simple amazing how fast TBC grows. And it’s also a big deal to us you love our exchange site.

More than 50 transactions you made through our system with more than 792 TBC and 69 BTC, if you keep it up the TBC selling page will be available much sooner than we expected. All we need is more and more traffic to our site to be able to open “SELL TBC” page. That’s why we ask you to share this website everywhere you can and use it to buy TBC. As you probably know this is the only one site where you can buy TBC on lower price than the actual one.

We are on the right way to explode TBC.. it will happen sooner or later and then all of you are going to be a millionaire!

The official TBC webpage: https://thebillioncoin.info


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